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What are minnow tubes?

Minnow tubes / live bait lures were first patented in the early 1800's enabling anglers to fish with one minnow all day long.  Back then you had to catch your own bait, and the minnow was protected in a transparent glass tube surrounded by hooks.

Tom Doner has been making these tubes since 2006, and they have appeared in newspapers, a cable television fishing show, and in "The Minnow Tube Collector's Guide" by Richie Breault, and are part of many large collections across the United States.

He has done extensive testing over the years to ensure that the design does in fact keep the minnow alive by going to local bait shops and "playing" in their live bait tanks with various prototype lures.  While most people collect these lures, he sent several to a former lure tester from Zebco, and he landed a large mouth bass with one of them.

Each tube is hand crafted on a torch, and all of the holes are blown out (not drilled) in order to maintain the structural integrity of the glass.  The rigging is meticulously strung using jewelry techniques with 30 lb. test nylon coated steel leader wire.

Each lure is hand signed and dated with a diamond tipped pen, and includes a lure box (which Tom assembles and labels himself) and a signed instruction sheet.  These tubes would be a beautiful addition to anyone's lure collection.

Every minnow tube is a labor of love and Tom takes great pride in creating a live bait fishing lure that has roots which date back to the 1800's.  He is working on several other designs which he hopes to release within the next month or so after they are tested.

Minnow tubes are $44.95 with the box and paperwork, and $39.95 w/o.

Tom also makes spinner bait (spinners), so stop by to see our full selection.


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